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Hockey Skates

Whether you’re learning to skate for the first time, or you’re an absolute pro on the ice – we’ve got you! Our hockey skates and figure skates are there to help you glide on any outdoor rink you come across. We even rent out hockey sticks to help you practice going bar-down!


Fat Bikes

The newest and trendiest way to explore Banff is here! Fat bikes are becoming one of the most popular ways to explore Banff, and we have them for you. Our fat bikes are top-of-the-line bikes that can be offered on the market, and we regularly maintain them for you.

Our staff will provide a local map with a recommendation on where to ride, helmets are included in the cost, and so are locks in case you want to stop for a hot chocolate on the way back!



Winter is a magical time to get outside and venture out into Banff and Lake Louise. Snowshoeing is a perfect winter activity to try out for all levels of fitness and age groups! Explore the wilderness at your own pace, and choose a trail that will best suit your needs – and if you’re not sure about what trail, ask one of our rental associates and they will provide a recommendation.


Winter Jackets and Pants

Are you going skiing, skating, sledding, dog sledding, or really anything in the snow? We rent snow jackets and pants! A perfect solution for cold weather, wet conditions, and keeping dry. We have a size for everyone from 4yrs old and up.

Ice Walk Crampons

Staying upright is important to get the most out of your visit and experience some of Banff’s most beautiful hikes! Tunnel Mountain, Sundance Canyon, and Sulphur Mountain are just a few of the amazing places that our crampons will help you get to!  


Ski helmets, bike helmets, and hiking helmets keep your head safe on every adventure, from small children’s ski and bike helmets to any size and type of adult helmets we have head protection for everyone!

Backcountry Equipment                                                                                    

You can enjoy some of the best skiing that the valley has to offer in the backcountry! For that, you will need some special equipment. Whether you’re doing your AST courses, jumping into the dive, or planning on riding the awesome terrain along the 93N, we rent the gear you need! Backpacks, Transceivers, Probes, and Shovels all come included in our package and can all be rented separately too! We highly recommend knowing how to use the equipment before you rent it.

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