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Head Rocka 

The Head Roca is a fantastic beginner snowboard. It has a great shape which will allow for easy turning. Available in a multitude of lengths, making this board an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to pick up boarding.

Length (CM) – (130, 135, 140, 144, 146, 149, 151, 154, 158, 163, 168)



Salomon Wild Card

Salomon Wild Card snowboard that suits all riding styles and skills. Soft and flexible feeling and good edge bite. Perfect all-mountain snowboard for everyone.

Length (CM) – (140, 145, 150, 155, 160)

Salomon Super 8

Salomon Super 8 is an all-mountain snowboard. Whether you’re, ripping pow or carving groomers, the wider design with the control under your back foot and allows smooth and precise maneuverability, speed, float, and belongs in every quiver.

Length (CM) – (147, 151, 154, 157, 160, 163)

Salomon Craft

The Craft is a freestyle board. Equipped with cork sidewalls for soft landings and smooth rides. From corduroy and side hits to park jumps and pow fields, Craft does not disappoint.

Length (CM) – (146, 149, 152, 156, 160)



Ride Heartbreaker

The Heartbreaker is made for all-mountain progression. The standard camber profile combines camber underfoot with a rocker at the tip and tail for the perfect combination of snap and easy turn initiation.

Length (CM) – (139, 143, 147, 150)

K2 Bright Lite

A great all-mountain snowboard, the K2 Bright Lite makes navigating the entire mountain easy with its mellow rocker and catch-free tip and tail. The softer flexing women’s specific Rhythm Core™ is forgiving and playful, making the Bright Lite a fantastic board for up-and-coming riders who want to discover the entirety of their playground.

Length (CM) – (138, 142, 149, 156)

Ride Rapture

This twin-shaped all-mountain board was designed to help you progress your skills and experience on the mountain, whether you’re cruising bluebird groomers, flowing through the park, or snaking the trees after a snowstorm.

Length (CM) – (139, 143, 147, 150)



Ride Burnout

The Burnout does its dirty work in the park and streets. The unique sidecut design—boasting a straighter tip and tail radius blended with an aggressive mid-section—allows the rider to track straight in and out of features but still lay down a carve when needed.

Length (CM) – (149, 152, 155, 157)

Ride Warping

This board will allow you to lay down carves hit huge jumps and ride big mountain lines. A Tapered Bi-Radial Sidecut maximizes grip and allows the WARPIG to transition from edge to edge like a traditional narrow snowboard while getting the float and stability of a wider modern deck. A Performance™ Core combines Aspen, Bamboo, and Paulownia wood to provide the perfect balance of strength and light.

Length (CM) – (142, 148, 151, 154, 158)

Ride Twinpig

The Twinpig is a twin version of the most popular Warpig model. The Twinpig is for someone looking for more freestyle performance while still approaching the mountain with a “thrash everything”. The Twinpig isn’t as wide as the Warpig, but it’s still wider than a traditional twin shape. Slim Wall provides a more efficient energy transfer, lighter weight constructions, and even better damping underfoot.

Length (CM) – (148, 151, 154, 156)

Ride MTNping

Designed for high-speed turns and the most aggressive of the Pig series boards, the MTNPIG features split tail tech that allows for a more dynamic turn shape and board flex through turns. Ride the MTNPIG in your standard board length—unlike the rest of the Pig series, we don’t suggest sizing down on this model.

Length (CM) – (160)

K2 Bottle Rocket

A Freestyle orientated true twin featuring a rocker profile, the K2 Bottle Rocket is flat in between the bindings with the perfect amount of rocker just outside of the inserts. The new Volume Shift design redistributes the riding surface area from the length of the board to the waist, so you can use a slightly shorter board for quicker rotations.

Length (CM) – (148, 152, 156, 160)

K2 Manifest GT

A mid-flexing directional twin that’s built to withstand the beating that comes along with big mountain riding, the Manifest sits atop a Combination Camber Profile, with camber between the inserts, a bit of rocker in the tail, and a more extended amount of rise in the nose for float and a catch-free feel.

Length (CM) – (153, 156, 157W, 160W)

K2 Cool Bean

The K2 Cool Bean is a pint-sized party wagon set to shift the paradigm of what’s possible on a snowboard. Whilst the Cool Bean can feel at home all over the hill, it makes a name for itself in the powder. From the 2cm taper to the setback inserts, with its sheer volume and wide nose, K2 has made this board practically unsinkable, planning over the top of the snowpack with little to no effort.

Length (CM) – (144)

Salomon Huck Knife

The Huck Knife is a true twin freestyle snowboard built for jumps, transitions, and rails. This true park board features Quad Camber and a versatile flex for precise take-offs and landings. Natural flex and snap are enhanced by Popster Booster, while Royal Rubber Pads are placed in the sidewall to ensure a smooth ride on firm snow and big jumps.

Length (CM) – (148, 152, 155, 158, 162)

Salomon Dancehaul

The Dancehaul is a unisex board with a mountain of personality for every riding style; Medium flex, this board proves that freestyle can happen anywhere. A tapered directional shape and radial sidecut paired with extra width make this shorter board nimble and lively in and out of turns, as well as providing maximum float in deep snow.

Length (CM) – (143, 147, 152, 157)

Salomon HPS Takaharu Nakai

For a powder board with a little more versatility, you can’t go wrong with the Salomon HPS – Takaharu Nakai Snowboard. The tapered directional shape is more all-purpose than a swallowtail but still has tons of float thanks to the wide waist and rockered nose. Powder Camber gives your back foot precise control when you’re leaning back in deep pow and the Quadratic Sidecut makes for easy edge-to-edge transitions despite the width. Salomon’s Hillside Project has some crazy good boards and Takaharu Nakai’s design earns it place in that esteemed lineup.

Length (CM) – (144)




Salomon Rumblefish

A women’s specific quiver killer, the Rumblefish blends Salomon’s most popular powder and freestyle creations. The Rock Out Camber delivers versatility in all conditions, alongside the directional twin shape makes for a freestyle-friendly ride, providing for easy turn initiation and added float in powder.

Length (CM) – (148, 152, 155) 

Ride Magic Stick

The Magic Stick is designed purely for all-mountain performance for progressing female riders. The tapered directional hybrid shape will ensure float in softer powder, while providing stability on harder snow. Meanwhile, the camber between the bindings provides snap and response, and whilst the longer nose holds more rocker than the narrower tail, both provide float and control in all conditions.

Length (CM) – (143, 147, 151, 154)

Salomon Bellevue

The Bellevue is designed for ladies looking for precise edge control on the mountain. Whether you’re ripping pow or carving groomers, the wider design with added camber under the back foot allows for smooth maneuverability, speed, float, and explosive turning capabilities.

Length (CM) – (144, 148, 152, 155) 


Salomon Wonder

Have you ever wondered what lies off the groomed path? The Salomon Wonder Snowboard is ready to explore with you, whether you’re crossing sidecountry gates or ducking into trees and gullies. Rock Out Camber with Ghost Basalt Stringers is stable and responsive and the cork sidewalls dampen vibrations in less-than-ideal conditions. It’s a wonder you’ve lived so long without it!

Length (CM) – (144, 148, 152, 155) 

Salomon HPS Annie Boulanger

Paying homage to legacy Salomon shapes, Annie Boulanger and powder shaping craftsman Wolle Nyvelt have collaborated to bring you this women’s specific powder design. This unique, directional tapered profile, includes a moon tail and features our powder camber, allowing for hairpin turns, superior float, and natural grip on groomers.

Length (CM) – (149) 

K2 Dreamsicle

Whether you’re seeking out your next new line or lining up for the jumps, the K2 Dreamsicle is an all-mountain women’s snowboard that’s sure to satisfy your cravings. The rocker profile is flat between your feet, and when combined with just the right rocker outside the bindings, the board gains an easy turning feeling that excels in powder, bumps, and groomers alike.

Length (CM) – (142, 146, 149)



Jr Snowboards

All of our Jr Snowboards are great fantastic beginner boards. They have a great shape which will allow for easy turning. Available in a multitude of lengths, making these skis an excellent choice for any little ripper who is looking to pick up Boarding.

Length (CM) – (75 up to 130)



Ride Machete Jr.

The Ride Machete Jr Snowboard is the ideal blade for young apprentices to master the art of snowboarding. A quadratic sidecut makes this an easy-turning board with plenty of edge grip, while smooth riding Slimewalls and a mellow flex make progression a breeze.

Length (CM) – (130, 135, 139, 145)